Indonesia Presidential Elections 2014: Jokowi

Indonesia Presidential Elections 2014: Jokowi
2014, soon there will be Indonesia next president election, but there is no absolute candidate, Guess-able. But most of people, want the Jakarta number one’s, Jokowi. In my opinion, Jokowi is suitable to be the next President. According to the LSI, 60% of citizen wants Jokowi to be president because he can prove that his program works to Jakarta in only 1 year. I’ve always wondered how Jokowi made a different ways to make Jakarta better.  Jusuf kalla stated that if Jokowi will join the president election, the election will be competitive and unpredictable. But, all of this statement have one goal, which is change, change, change the nation perspective.

LSI is a survey that counting all kind of survey, like president election. According to them, Jokowi is the favorite choice resident of the people. But let me ask you something, do you know Jokowi? Jokowi right now is the Governor of Jakarta. He is soft as an angel. But now the CSI tell him that he is the people choice. But this is an election, many are called, but few are chosen. So, this survey very important to this election and to Jokowi too.

Do you know Jusuf Kalla? He is the former Vice President of Indonesia. According to Jusuf Kalla, if Jokowi join the president election, it will be competitive and unpredictable. Why, because Jokowi is the model of the people of Indonesia. So, it will difficult to choose because all the candidates have a promising will to make a chance. I think, Jusuf kalla is true about Jokowi join the election, because people want a leader that soft as a pillow.

I think that Jokowi have a big chance to be president. What do you think about Jokowi? In my perspective Jokowi is a fully supported by the people of Indonesia, Why, because he has a pure heart, pure as water. So, if we do a job with pure heart, I’m sure that it will run smoothly.

All these are your rights to choose, it’s your choose, it’s your choice to choose, whether you choose Jokowi or other promising candidates. But all this election brings us to our Nations goal, which is change, change, change! 

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